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Absorb Pro

At Libra Industries, we established the Absorb Pro division to help our customers minimize the impact industrial absorbent waste has on the environment, and on their budgets. Our comprehensive line of uniquely formulated absorbent materials is well-suited for high-traffic areas around machinery or equipment, offering both reusable and disposable absorbents.

Our reusable absorbents are designed to withstand the stringent Absorb Pro recycling process, allowing them to be utilized over and over again without ruin or failure. Our absorbents let customers “soak it up and ship it out”, meaning that once an absorbent has done its job, it can be shipped back to Libra for proper cleaning, minimizing effects it may have on the environment.

The Absorb Pro process has been carefully planned to create a superior level of environmental integrity in industrial waste management. We use a non-toxic, non-hazardous solvent during our cleaning operation, allowing the extracted chemical substances to be used for fuel blending.

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