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Glove Cleaning

Looking to save money and help the environment? The Libra recycling division does both! Our customers work in industries that require the use of protective gloves and sleeves. The costs of replacing these soiled items can add up quickly. As the nationwide leader in glove, sleeve and personal protective equipment (PPE) recycling since 1969, Libra Industries, Inc. of Michigan utilizes advanced cleaning technologies to keep money in our customers’ pockets while keeping employees safe.

With expertise in all types of gloves and safety equipment, and a large inventory on-site, we help our customers determine the perfect product to meet the job function they need.

Libra cleans every item through a multi-step process that begins by removing loose debris and metal shavings, and then separating items by wash process, dry cleaning or water wash. Dry-clean-only items are cleaned with a non-toxic, non-hazardous solvent which effectively removes contaminants in a closed-loop process. Water-washable gloves are processed in a continuous batch washer (CBW), where they are treated through a number of automatically programmed stages to clean the gloves, remove any harmful residues and restore the glove with a pH balance nearly identical to that of human skin.

Newly cleaned gloves and PPE are sorted by style/size and inspected for physical damage (i.e. holes), to meet pre-determined standards set by our customers. All cleaned items are counted, bundled and labeled for return to the customer. Any items determined to be unsafe for reuse are clearly marked so no employee is at risk of using a product that offers unsatisfactory protection.

Our paperwork was designed with our customers in mind so they can easily track shipments, quickly identify the number and type of items on each shipment, as well as the individual charges for the recycling work completed. The simplicity of Libra paperwork also allows our clients to easily monitor how a particular glove is performing based on scrap rates.

The items are packed up and shipped via our ReadyShip Programs which utilize LTL and small parcel package carriers. This gives Libra the ability to provide products and service to customers across the country.

Unsure? Try it Free!

Unsure if Libra’s Glove and Personal Protective Equipment Recycling program is right for your company? Contact us today to set up a one-time trial period and send us your filthiest, most-soiled gloves or PPE to have them cleaned—for free!

ReadyShip Program Options


The ReadyTote Program is designed for low volume customers, or larger volume customers who want to maintain separate collection and return for different departments or areas of their operation. ReadyTote’s are used for the collection and transportation of gloves and PPE, which are designed for easy transportation using small package carriers such as UPS and Fedex. With ReadyTote, customers are billed a single predetermined price per container, with no minimums or hidden charges.

Dimensions: Approximate: 28" x 20 5/8" x 15 5/8"
Description: High density polyethylene shipping container with hinged lid. Integral hasp for secure shipping


For larger volume users, ReadyShip LTL utilizes our polyethylene pallet containers for easy shipping through a common carrier. Libra Industries will coordinate transportation with the customer, using a Libra selected or customer selected carrier. By using ReadyShip LTL, any client nationwide can benefit from the Libra advantage when it comes to their glove and PPE recycling.

Dimensions: Approximate: 48"L x 45" W x 34" H
Description: Description High density polyethylene pallet container, 4-way fork entry. Product construction and exact dimensions may vary.

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